Hi friends.  I want to do a Pop Pop  show about encounters with Angels.  I’m certain that I’ve met them at times but, my stories might be getting old by now.  So, I’m asking you, my listeners, if you’ve ever been in a situation where an Angel has somehow made his or her presence known to you.  I’d like to know what you saw and heard and, anything else you can tell me about the encounter.  I’ll be very glad to keep your identity hidden unless you specifically say it’s OK to use your name.  Angels, I think, are proof  that the world is some kind of learning process or training ground.  The more we share about what they have said, the better off we’ll all be.  The many ways they have helped us, may show us how to help each other.  Send what you can to my email address or message me on facebook.  This should make for a great show.


Here’s a few.  First, I woke up breathing.   That’s always a biggie.   At work today, we we’re all treated to a nice pizza party for good effort and plain old sweat.  (Though in the 33 degree dairy section we don’t sweat that much.)  I ate half a pizza and when I got home Sandy noticed that my stomach was as flat as a board.  Millie the hound about a half hour ago came over to my computer desk and laid her head down on my feet and just sighed and then fell softly asleep.  She’s snoring and drooling on my left foot right now.  I got a nice nap earlier today.  Now, I’m ready to do a Front Porch Show at 6:30 or so.   Hope your day was just as nice.


Was talking on the phone just a few minutes ago when I heard happy conversations coming from outside and behind our home.  Couldn’t quite tell who or what it was all about.  The noise was happy and maybe moving slowly and heading my way.  I stayed on the line and walked out to the back deck that overlooks the river behind us.  There was my answer, in the form of a few  teenagers floating downstream in tubes and rubber rafts.  They were dressed in bating suits, eating, snacks, splashing each other and bouncing off of rocks.  They had the right idea for today.  That’s happy scene number one.  Second happy scene goes to Millie the Hound.  Last night she discovered that she could sniff out and eat wild berries in the dark.  Walked her last night and she cleaned us out below the knee cap level.  She’s one happy hound with purple teeth.  Third, place goes to me …Sandy got enough fresh tomatoes at the flea market yesterday that I can now have two tomato sandwiches per day for at least a week.  Yessir….life is good.    Somewhere between 7:30 this evening and 8:00 pm I’ll be starting a nice one hour show for VRadio Nashville featuring great love songs.  That’s bonus hit for four Happy Scenes.


Last night old Millie the hound was barking to go out and dragging her rump along the rug.  That dragging thing is a pretty good sign that she’s serious so, I got my tail in gear.  I hurried up and found her leash and out we went.  The rain wasn’t coming down that hard just then so, I didn’t mind that I wasn’t wearing my pajama top.  The porch lights were on so, no need for the flashlight.  I let Millie pick her puppysquat route.  Anywhere is OK with me as long as she doesn’t pick a spot too close to the van.  This time Millie wanted to go down  the berry bush path.  That’s a path we have that runs about two feet wide for about twenty feet past all these blackberry bushes.  It’s always fun to get up early in the morning and snag a handful of berries for breakfast there.  So, were walking down the trail not paying much attention to anything.   In the dark, thanks to the dim porch light, I saw Millie walk under something.  Something that glistened faintly in the dark.  Holy heck!  I stopped just in time.  Standing in the dark I found myself just an inch or two from the biggest spider web I’ve seen in awhile.  It was one of those circular type of webs. It was about two and a half feet wide, about four feet off the ground, and stretched well beyond the edges of the path.  Right in the middle was a big old girl spider.  In spider world, the girls are the biggies.  I think she was a golden garden spider  She was probably thinking that if she could snare me in that web,  she’d be eating like a queen.  I was thinking that one more step, and I’d have this big old spider running  up and down my bare belly.  I tried to pull Millie back but, she was busy doing what she came out to do.  The leash was as tight as it could be so, I just had to stand there.   The spider and I just looked at each other.  Funny, I saw a problem in the making.  The spider saw a great opportunity.  Maybe enough food that she could open a spider café.  Me, I saw a big fat hungry spider crawling down my shorts.  Luckily, Millie was done and, I backed up.  I was going to swat the web.  But then, decided not that.  I figured that the spider deserved a meal if she could catch one and she wasn’t crawling up my pant leg so, what the heck.  I also wanted to see the web in the morning.  In short, cooler heads prevailed.  Got up this morning and went out to the path.  The web was gone.  I guess a bird must have flown through it.  Maybe it snagged the spider.  I grabbed some berries and went inside.  Millie was waiting for me and wanted to go out.  Life goes on.  Front Porch show will be on soon.  6:30 or so.


Ahh! The poor old guy had a rough day and got to thinking about past rotten days.  The result is a pretty darn good one hour show.  Join Pop Pop as he fights and loses the eggplant and pumpkin wars.  Be ready to catch him if he falls through the ceiling. t’s good radio so,  ignore the mindless babble and check this one out.  Enjoy.



This morning, Sandy was making some egg salad.  I was going to have some till she put broccoli in it.  We got to talking and, between us a question came up. Here it is for you to ponder.  Originally, there was only very simple organisms.  They reproduced their own kind by splitting into equal and similar organisms.  Even today that kind of thing still goes on.  In fact, we grow when our human cells split.  I’m not sure, but don’t worms reproduce by splitting?  Maybe not.  Still, most early simple life forms split to reproduce.  There wasn’t dating back then I guess.  Then all of a sudden, there were egg layers.  Reptiles, fish, birds, and insects, all went that way and, there’s the question.  How did we go from splitting to egg laying.  Wouldn’t there have to be a male of the egg laying species who hit the singles bars and found himself a nice female of the species.  They’d have to date a bit and then start a family.  But, how could they do that if they we’re the first and there was no one to be their parents?   It’s quite a jump to go from splitting to laying or forming an egg.  Was there a critter back then that could do both?   I guess what I’m saying, is how can some being form when there is no parent to create it?   The same holds true for going from egg laying to live birth.  It’s quite a jump in progress but, it also needs to be in place before it can happen.  I’ll never look at egg salad the same way again.   Playing at Mama’s Café Baci tonight in Hackettstown.from 6pm to 9pm.  Log on if you can’t get there.


Now It’s getting personal.  I’m ready to rumble.  That #*&%@$%(&))@!! roof drip is starting to tick me off.  Its the invisible menace.  Worked about an hour up on the roof yesterday searching for leak clues.  I went and got more of that spray coating you see on TV.   Dodged a whole bunch of hornets who think my ladder is some kind of maternity ward.  I even slipped once or twice but, didn’t go over the edge.  To cap it off I went and got an aluminum tray to put between the leak spot and the ceiling up in the rafters and joists.  Got a head full of spider webs and a few critters down my back.  Luckily, they just tickled.  So, I was all set for last nights storm.  It hit with a vengeance.  It even knocked out the lights and worse the TV satellite signal.   But, like a general, secure in his fortifications, I calmly sat in the dark and ate some soup, bending my ear towards the strategically placed drip bucket.   I went for seconds, tripped over a few antiques in the dark as I stumbled to my chair.  The lights came back on and, the TV too.  I was watching a James Bond movie.  There was a lot of shooting and chasing and eventually a quiet search in the dark scene.  I thought, boy listen to the drips in that tunnel, it’s got to be wet in there.  Hope no one slips.  Then, it hit me.  Those drip sounds were coming from somewhere in the living room.  Somewhere near the drip bucket.  (By the way, right  at that moment, in the movie, an enemy agent set off a sprinkler system to make his getaway.)  I stared in shock and disbelief as my world crumbled around me.   In spite of all my cunning and effort, the drip was back.  Not as bad as before, but back and sticking it’s wet little tongue out at me.  Darn!   It couldn’t take it anymore and went to bed.  I slept on the matter and decided upon waking that maybe I needed a bigger catch pan up in the rafters.  I found one of Sandy’s antiques, an enamel tray, and went through the hatch up into the crawl space.  I figured that I didn’t get the tray far enough back into position last night and if I could just get it back maybe a foot more……That’s when I took a misstep and put my foot through a ceiling tile.  Now, it’s getting personal.  It’s just a little tiny leak, but just like Chinese water torture, it’s starting to make me nuts.   Pop Pop show on aggravation starts tonight at 8:30 pm.  Many calming shows round out the day.


It’s always pretty darn great when your luck changes for the better after a string of rotten breaks.  Case in point, The Poccono Mountain Corvette Club.  For years they’ve been doing a Corvette Night Cruise In at The Chatterbox Drive In.  It’s scheduled to run on the second Friday of a given month May through September.  I don’t know, who in the club ticked off Mother Nature but, he, she, or they, must have done something awful.  I think the last Corvette night without rain was held back in may of 2013.  I might be wrong on that but, only because it’s hard to remember events from so long ago.  Figure it this way, from May of 2013 through June of 2014 they’ve been rained out every time.  I’m not talking drizzle here either.  Nothing but cloudbursts.  I would leave for the cruise, with all my equipment and records in the van, from the A&P in Mount Olive 20 miles away.  I’d have to shoosh away all the bluebirds sunning themselves on my van before I could go.  The weather guy on the radio, would have a closed sign on his segment cause it was such a nice day and he was going out to get a tan at the beach.  That’s how it would be in Mount Olive.  I’d get to The Chatterbox and as I’m wiring everything up, these dark blue swirling clouds would form in the western sky just out of sight.  I’d sit down to start the first song and, well.. Do you remember in Wizard of Oz that scene where Dorothy notices the wind picking up and she starts running for home.  That’s what would happen.  Pretty soon the few  Corvettes on hand would be shaking in the gale as their owners struggled to get the convertible tops back up.  Corvette ball caps were sailing off of many an owners head and going off into the sky in this horrible dance of doom never to be seen again.  Forget it if your power windows got stuck.  Friends, that’s how it’s been. for the past year or so for these folks.  Well, the spell was broken this last Friday.  Finally, the club got the best night ever.  Shaken faith in all that is good was restored when just the prettiest night ever plopped itself right over The Chatterbox.  The smiles of relief were everywhere beaming.  Once again, French fries weren’t turning to cold potato soup on a rain soaked dining table out on the Chatterbox Patio.  Hamburger  buns weren’t turning to mush right before your eyes in a cloudburst drenching.  Best of all. convertible tops stayed in the boot.  Once again faith was restored and prayers were answered.  Long and short of it, a record 140 Corvettes  came out to bask in the summer evening sun.  They never looked better with all that chrome sparkling in the evening sun.  The oldies never sounded better.  Redemption came to Ross’s Corners.


Sometimes, strange things happen after a rough thunder storm.  You can blame it on the odd electrical currents, static from wind,  frenzied spirits riding the turmoil.  Well, we had a pretty big storm here last night along the Musconetcong River.  Sometimes that makes the river spirits a bit flaky and, something really weird happened in my studio room.   I was done with the show last night and was getting ready for bed.  I always empty my pockets.  It’s how I find spare change for the next day.  As you know, I work at an A&P and have to carry a small flat razor box knife for my work.  I set the knife down next to my wallet.  It was laying between two wires, a silver dollar I keep for good luck, and a tiny toy locomotive my grand daughter Sadie gave me long ago.  One wire still had current in it.  I was pulling on my pajamas when I heard this strange morse code like clicking sound.  It was coming from the pile of stuff from my pocket all on the table.  I was shocked to see that my razor knife was vibrating on its own and making this frantic clicking sound.  It wouldn’t stop.  I wished that  I knew code but, I don’t.  What was it trying to say?  I stood there leaning over the knife wondering how this could be.  What was I being told?  I was afraid to touch the knife.  What if it was possessed?  I was afraid if I picked it up, that the spirit might take control of me and there I’d be roaming the night in search of human blood.  How do you explain that in the morning?    Then, I thought what if some really unfriendly demon was just trying to figure out how the knife worked and, soon as he got it straight, he’d be coming after me.  I could see me running around the house with a floating razor knife chasing me into the bathroom.  I’d slam the bathroom door shut but, to no avail,  the knife is so slim that it just slips under the door.  Soon there’s blood in the tub.  Just like in the movies.  I know I’m going way too overboard here but, that knife was still clicking.  It took all my courage to touch it with my pinky.  I figured I could afford to lose a pinky if I had to.  The knife still vibrated but, I didn’t feel any crazy pulse charges or anything so, I risked my ring finger and gave the knife a little push.  All of a sudden a tiny little flying beetle came out from under the knife and flew away.  He seemed pretty happy to be free once more.  I felt kind of dumb but, relieved.  Slept like a baby.  The beetle woke me up this morning buzzing at the window


Couldn’t get to writing a blog or blurb today.  I was too busy after I got home fighting with the toilet.  Still not flushing great.  Thinking of building an outhouse.  A nice two holler would suit me just fine.  Just need a little bug spray and a magazine or two and you got a regular palace of solace.  And, for the gardeners out there, you couldn’t ask for a better source of fertilizer.  Just keep a flashlight handy for those midnight trips.  For the most part, the way people are citified,  nowadays, who’s going to bother you in there.  Run a speaker out there from the computer and you can listen to the show.  Better yet, what a great place to practice your banjo.  Think what you’ll save in water bills.  I’m seriously considering and thinking of drawing up plans.   Hey, look at this, I just wrote a blog.  Country oldies tonight around 5:30 pm.   See you very soon.