Sometimes, strange things happen after a rough thunder storm.  You can blame it on the odd electrical currents, static from wind,  frenzied spirits riding the turmoil.  Well, we had a pretty big storm here last night along the Musconetcong River.  Sometimes that makes the river spirits a bit flaky and, something really weird happened in my studio room.   I was done with the show last night and was getting ready for bed.  I always empty my pockets.  It’s how I find spare change for the next day.  As you know, I work at an A&P and have to carry a small flat razor box knife for my work.  I set the knife down next to my wallet.  It was laying between two wires, a silver dollar I keep for good luck, and a tiny toy locomotive my grand daughter Sadie gave me long ago.  One wire still had current in it.  I was pulling on my pajamas when I heard this strange morse code like clicking sound.  It was coming from the pile of stuff from my pocket all on the table.  I was shocked to see that my razor knife was vibrating on its own and making this frantic clicking sound.  It wouldn’t stop.  I wished that  I knew code but, I don’t.  What was it trying to say?  I stood there leaning over the knife wondering how this could be.  What was I being told?  I was afraid to touch the knife.  What if it was possessed?  I was afraid if I picked it up, that the spirit might take control of me and there I’d be roaming the night in search of human blood.  How do you explain that in the morning?    Then, I thought what if some really unfriendly demon was just trying to figure out how the knife worked and, soon as he got it straight, he’d be coming after me.  I could see me running around the house with a floating razor knife chasing me into the bathroom.  I’d slam the bathroom door shut but, to no avail,  the knife is so slim that it just slips under the door.  Soon there’s blood in the tub.  Just like in the movies.  I know I’m going way too overboard here but, that knife was still clicking.  It took all my courage to touch it with my pinky.  I figured I could afford to lose a pinky if I had to.  The knife still vibrated but, I didn’t feel any crazy pulse charges or anything so, I risked my ring finger and gave the knife a little push.  All of a sudden a tiny little flying beetle came out from under the knife and flew away.  He seemed pretty happy to be free once more.  I felt kind of dumb but, relieved.  Slept like a baby.  The beetle woke me up this morning buzzing at the window


Couldn’t get to writing a blog or blurb today.  I was too busy after I got home fighting with the toilet.  Still not flushing great.  Thinking of building an outhouse.  A nice two holler would suit me just fine.  Just need a little bug spray and a magazine or two and you got a regular palace of solace.  And, for the gardeners out there, you couldn’t ask for a better source of fertilizer.  Just keep a flashlight handy for those midnight trips.  For the most part, the way people are citified,  nowadays, who’s going to bother you in there.  Run a speaker out there from the computer and you can listen to the show.  Better yet, what a great place to practice your banjo.  Think what you’ll save in water bills.  I’m seriously considering and thinking of drawing up plans.   Hey, look at this, I just wrote a blog.  Country oldies tonight around 5:30 pm.   See you very soon.


Just wanted to tell you how I got this idea of mine for a mega Jersey boardwalk stretching from Cape May to High Point.  You can thank the staff and the relatively new sausage and pepper sandwich at the Chatterbox Drive In located in Augusta, New Jersey.  Don Hall, the owner manager, Chef Reyes, and his kitchen staff, have perfected to the level of Nirvana that most noble of Jersey Shore staples…..the sausage and pepper sandwich.   I got one the other evening.  Don and his crew are always happy to feed me after the gig.  I usually don’t eat before the gig , because I eat so much that I get sleepy.   I got the sandwich to go so, I could share it with my hound Millie.  All the way home the aroma of grilled sausage and sautéed peppers and onions wafted through the van.  At a stoplight, I opened the take out box and just stared and sniffed.  Horns were honking so I had to move on.  I knew I had a winner of a sandwich on board.  I almost cracked and forgot about poor Millie waiting at home.  Lucky for her that you can’t eat this sandwich and drive.   Anyway, I got home and it actually woke Millie up the second I came through the door.  Basset Hounds have great noses that are always turned on.  Needless to say, there was this massive eating frenzy.  Jaws would have been impressed.   As I was munching on the last crumb or two, I got to thinking, how Don should move the Chatterbox down to the boardwalk and sell these things.  Then it hit me that these sandwiches are so good the boardwalk should come to the Chatterbox instead.  There should be a north west extension from the Jersey Shore.  From there it all fell into place.   Front Porch show tonight at 5:30 pm


Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  I guess as you get older, great ideas that have been festering in all that dense grey matter finally spring into the light of day.  It’s sort of like photons that form in the interior of the sun and, bounce around for eons till they break through the surface of the sun and launch out into space.  But, do I ever have an idea for you.  It involves New Jersey.  What if we started in Cape May and took whatever boardwalk they have down there and, extended it south to the very bottom most point of land in Jersey.  But wait, there’s more, then we head north with hammer and nail and connect all the Jersey Shore boardwalks together making one mega boardwalk.  But, don’t stop there.  We then send the crews out along the south end of Raritan Bay building even more boardwalk.  Then, we cross the Raritan River somewhere near the Watchung Mountains, heading through historic Morris County to Lake Hopatcong.  We could then take the old Lackawanna cut off to the Water Gap.  Then we  head north along Route 94 to Newton and up Route 206 past the  Chatterbox and finally north to High Point.  There couldn’t anything better for the state.   Of course, we might have to plant a few trees and, maybe put up a toll booth or two.  It would have to be at least 200 miles long.  The worlds biggest boardwalk and, it’s all ours.  Think of the salt water taffy sales.  The entire state of Iowa would have to be commissioned just to supply all the pizzas and the meat for those sausage and pepper sandwiches.  What do you say Jersey Folks.    Talk about job growth.  Picture the events you could do.  It would take a while but, we could also build this 200 mile long roller coaster right along side.  They could smell the meatball sandwiches all the way over in London.  Doll the boardwalk up like Seaside Heights and, you could see it from Mars.  This may be my greatest idea ever.  Look, one of you  must  know Gov. Christie.  Maybe give him a call.  Tell him Bruce Springsteen and he could cut the ribbon.   Oh, almost forgot, the Pop Pop show starts a bit before 8pm this evening.


Hi Friends Doc South here asking a favor.   For over thirty years I’ve worked in broadcasting.  For all of that time, my goal for each show was to help people feel better about themselves, their lives, and the world in general. Given a chance, happy people do great things.  I’ve also endeavored in my shows to comfort those who were maybe having a tough time of it by bringing a little light into their day.  I’ll admit my ego sometimes got the best of me and I would wish for fortune and fame but, now that I’m older, I’m finding that a happy audience and world is worth quite a bit to me.  I hope to run my web station for as long as possible and to use it to make a positive difference in peoples lives.  My broadcasting life has not brought me that much money but, it has given me great wealth in other forms.  Still, I’m hoping to increase my stations ability to do more for the world.  That said, I need your help, not necessarily your money but, your help.   The station does need financial help.  Money coming in would pay for better equipment, promotion, and provide some money for the work I do.  If I could get money from the station, I could justify more time spent working at producing even more great shows than I already do.   There are so many projects that should be done and could be done.  There is so much history that should be told, lessons from others that should be heard, songs to be found and played, and hearts to be lightened.   I’m willing to do the work.  I don’t need millions to do it.   Heck, I wouldn’t feel right in a suit, or a fancy car.  Pheasant under glass or a sack of White Castles which do you think I’d want?    You get the idea.  Serving people a few good shows each day and being able to live a modest but happy life is just fine with me.      Here’s what I need from you.  Do you know of any individual or organization who might be able to help this station financially?  I don’t want the money to come from individuals who need money themselves.   Money nowadays is just too tight for most people to spare.  But, perhaps you know of or, you are involved with, a philanthropic group who might be willing to help me make a difference.   If you know of such a group, or have any suggestions on this matter, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.  Please remember that I don’t want you the average person who might be struggling with your own pay check to pay check troubles to send your hard earned and much needed money to me.  Your money is much better spent on yourselves and all the local service groups out there. You would be of way more help if you simply told others about my station, offered advice, or, found me great people to interview.    I’m also not a recognized tax free organization so, there wouldn’t be any tax advantage for individuals to help me.  What I am looking for is, some form of grant money from a philanthropic organization or individual of means who loves my shows and also wants to help me change a bit of the world for the better.    With or without help, I intend to keep on doing all I can to bring you great shows with a positive outlook on life.  There’s so much that  could be done and it’s time to get on it.  I thank you for any help you can offer.


I was walking Millie the hound this morning along the shores of the Musconetcong River.  She was sniffing, piddling, and, tugging.  She had a nice long drink of river.  Me, I was enjoying the day and sipping my coffee.   All in all it was a nice way to start the day.  I was even thinking how lucky I was.  Indeed I was.  Millie and I were walking on one end of a parking lot along the highway.  There was a car parked with a note on it  the note read, “Tie rod broken…will pick up Sunday.”  I’m thinking how that poor guys got a mess to handle later.  Not much I could do so, we kept on walking.  Millie was busy piddling when another car pulled in to the lot and parked at the far corner.  A guy in his 60′s got out.  He was wearing shorts and a tan vest all the fishermen wear.  He got a pole out of the trunk along with a bait bucket and a lawn chair and started to walk away from us down stream.  I don’t  think he even saw us.  He disappeared into the woods on a path along the river.  Millie and I eventually got to the end of the parking lot and were going to cross over the bridge to home.  Millie had to eat some grass first.  Crossing the bridge, I thought it would be cool to see how the guy was doing.  I always like to see where people set up to fish.  He was doing fine.  We saw him about ten feet out from the shore, sitting in his lawn chair with his bare feet dangling in the current.  The line was already in the water and, he was lighting a big cigar.  He savored that first puff, cocked his head back a bit and, looked downstream for any signs of fish.  It looked like he was going to stay for at least a few hours.  He seemed to be very happy with his plans for the day.  All other appointments were canceled.   Got to get me one of those lawn chairs.   Later this evening around 6:30, I’ll be doing a Songs From the Kitchen Show for you.   Bring a lawn chair and some bait.   Hooks optional.


For some reason, I think it’s always been desirable to be the first kid on the block.  I guess in the 50′s, it was cheaper attain that high honor.  Heck, PF Flyers weren’t much more than a few bucks.  TV’s were pretty cheap.  A new fangled foot long hot dog, what, maybe no more than a quarter if that.  Things haven’t changed in 2014 except that the stuff we have to have before anyone else now costs a small fortune.   This episode gets off to a slow start but, wait till Mom gives us the money to buy some Fizziies.   Some things never change.  Be the first kid on your block to di this one.



Believe it or not, there’s a lot of people out there who love to race pigeons.  It’s just like horse racing only faster.  Back in the day, my father and I had a nice flock of very fast homing pigeons.  You could have someone  let them loose in Indiana at sunrise and, they’d be home in New Jersey by sundown the same day.   Naturally, my father and I loved this because you could also bet on the races.  They were sort of like tiny race horses with wings.  Plus, they were very good at finding their way home.  Pigeons never failed to amaze me.  Wonderful critters they were.  Check this one out.  Enjoy.



In this episode, Pop Pop remembers his Pop.  I guess he’d be Pop Pop Pop.   There’s many a nice tale here.  I really think you’ll like the part about five year old Pop Pop’s first time at the horse races with Pop Pop Pop  and his grandfather Pop Pop Pop Pop.   Sounds like I’m making popcorn.  Anyway, this is a great little episode.  It’s an hour well spent.  Enjoy.



Yet another discussion between Bob Barry and yours truly Doc South..   Listen to Bob, and you stand a pretty good chance of coming out ok in the money wars.   Do the exact opposite of what I say and, you’ll probably be ok too.  Oh, I don’t know, I guess I might have a good idea now and then.  At least, I was smart enough to get Bob to do shows here on the station.  As a result, my listeners probably have more money and are happier with it than most folks.   Job well done.  Enjoy.